Take part in a one-man investigation and solve the mystery of your brother’s disappearance. Find out the truth by exploring unsettling liminal locations. Discover the story chapter by chapter, with each one unveiling their common tragedy.

A short narrative horror game.

Symbolically, the production depicts the struggle of man with depression and his internal demons.
Nothing you see is exactly what it really is.
This is not a ghost story or other fantasy monster story.

You find and old, dusty casette labeled as "Deathmatch".

You decide to put it into your cassette player.

Inspired by No Players Online & Connection Haunted.

Tank Elephant is a little physics based game, inspired by the Battle City 1990 classic game from NES.
Your task is to destroy all the tanks on the map without getting destroyed  yourself. Also, watch out for your base, the enemy can attack you when you least expect it.

You find an old, dusty cartridge labeled as

"Tank Elephant".

You decide to put it into your console.

"Symmetry" is short terrifying visual novel video game based on creepypasta with the same name.

As a hero, face your greatest fear. Can you handle it? Is it just obsessive-compulsive disorder or something much more serious?

Can you fix your restless life by defeating "it"?"

You wake up in an odd, dark, completely unknown place.
You have no idea how you came to be here.
You have nothing else to do, you can only search for answers.

Beware, though. The answers may be more horrifying than the world that surrounds you. Are you ready to learn the truth?
Can you also get away from the newfound world? Is there a way out?

This story based game features player choice. The consequences of all your in game actions and decisions will impact the future.

Choose wisely...

ROT is short psychological horror game inspired by "Silent Hill" series.

You wake up in your car, sore in the middle of the forest. This place seems very familiar to you, but why? You hear a familiar voice, but you do not know it. Who is she and what she wants from you?

Did you kill her?